The quarantined esthetician.


I feel like I could just write the year and leave the entry at that. It has been and still is a crazy ride. And I truly feel for every single person in our industry. Being told your haven is 'unsafe' after spending hours upon hours studying your state's sanitation and disinfection requirements, then testing out to prove you know what to do, and having it be striped away is disheartening.

But let's talk about the silver linings. I have been able to participate in so many more online classes and webinars that I typically wouldn't of been able to. I made the decision to become more active with my state beauty federation board. I've had the time to pour my heart and soul into this little website you're on right now. I have mastered the art of a virtual consultation, swapping out a mag lamp for a computer screen is not for the faint of heart and goes against all we've been taught and know. I've also created my Facials In A Box. So for these things, I am grateful.

There are approximately 621,000 licensed professionals in CA, and so many more nationwide, we are a creative bunch. I have been inspired daily by everyone in our industry striving and thriving the best they can in these situations. This year is a rough one, and one to embrace the pivot, but I just know 2021 is going to be the rainbow after the storm.

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