How To Layer Your Skin Care Products Like A Pro

Ok, so you met with your esti bestie and have the perfect regimen set up! You are on your way to healthy, glowing skin but you've completely blanked on how and when to apply. While there are exceptions, here is an easy rule of thumb.

Thinnest to thickest!

Always. The reason why is it comes down to molecule size. A serum has a much smaller molecule size compared to your moisturizer. So if you were to apply moisturizer, than your serum wouldn't be able to penetrate into the skin, it would just sit on top, and now you've basically just wasted that precious serum.

Layer, never mix.

Skin care is formulated very particularly by cosmetic chemists. Each product is tested and formulated and are meant to be applied individually. The chemists spend zero time mixing more than one product together to see how they will react together. So, if you mix say two serums together, it's a possibility that you just neutralized one or both products, or are combing two non-compatible ingredients and may even cause a reaction.

*If your skincare is starting to 'ball up' while applying, that can mean one of two things; you're either using too much product, or you are not letting each product dry the appropriate amount of time before applying the other.

While everyone's skin regimen is different (because hello! We all have different skin!) this is a rough outline on how to layer! Have any questions on how to layer your products? Drop them in the comments below!

Remember: Reapply your SPF every 2 hours and double cleanse every night!

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