Holiday Skin Care Gift Guide

Ok, can I just start off by saying w o w. How is it already this time of the year? This year has felt like 20 years and one day all at the same time. While our holidays are looking a little different this time around, it's safe to say self care is (or should be!) at the top of all of our lists. I've put together a gift guide for everyone on your list! Remember, skincare is for everyone!

1. Skin Fridge 2. Cold Roller w/Mini 3. Slip Pillowcase 4. At Home Facial Steamer 5. Make Up Brush Cleaning Pad + Drying Rack

+ Skin Care Sets

These are perfect sets to jump start their (or yours!) clinical grade skin care regimen. Image has put together 3 sets, perfect for anyone.

1. The Balancing Essentials ($76 Valued at $90)

Image's Ormedic line uses both potent botanicals as well as clinical ingredients to help nourish, protect, and smooth the skin. This is ideal for those wishing to stick with a more natural approach.

- The set includes a full size gel cleanser and an everyday antioxidant serum that soothes the skin while protecting the skin from free radicals.

2. The Age-Defying Essentials ($124 Valued at $146)

An anti-aging routine is similar to a retirement fund, you'll always have wish you started sooner.

-This set includes a stem cell facial cleanser with advanced peptides and plant extracts. A Hyaluronic Acid (one of my absolute favorite products to incorporate in a skin routine!) and the holy grail SPF.

3. The Hydrating Essentials ($126 Valued at $148)

Vitamin C is the MVP in skin care. This set is perfect for anyone that has dry skin or is dealing with seasonal dryness.

- The set includes the Vital C hydrating cleanser, it's super creamy, that I personally use daily! I typically use it morning and for my first cleanse at night. It also comes with the Vital C hydrating anti-aging serum and SPF.

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