Beat that maskne!


Maskne tends to form around the areas of your face covered by a protective face mask that is being worn.

We're all wearing masks nowadays, and because of that, a lot of us are now dealing with maskne! So first things first, you are not alone in dealing with this. A lot of people are!

The first step to handling this: is understanding it. Why is it happening?

The why:

+ Friction

+ Heat

+ Trapped Bacteria

+ Trapped Moisture

+ Increased Sebum (Oil) Production

Tips to prevent:

+ Wash your mask nightly with warm water and dry on heat, otherwise your mask will become a breeding ground for bacteria.

+ Wear a hydrating moisturizer.

+ Give that mask a spritz of a hydrating toner before putting it on.

+ Don't wear make up under the mask! No one can see it anyways ;)

If you would like to have a virtual consultation and talk about what your personal skin care needs are, maskne or otherwise, click here to schedule!

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